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Luoyang Flight College (LFC) of Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC), 10 kilometers away from Luoyang City, Henan Province, is one of the four flight colleges of CAFUC. It is specialized in pilot training and known as the "Cradle of Pilots" in China.

Established in 1963, LFC has trained pilots in 10 types of aircraft. By the end of 2005, LFC had trained 4700 student pilots with 456,000 flight hours, and 146,000 times of safe takeoff and landing. LFC has kept a flight safety record of 42 years and been granted as a "Pacesetter of Safety Flying".

The runway in Luoyang Airport is designed by 4D grade, and incorporated with Precision Approach CategoryⅠ.It can be used to take off and touch down for various plane models, including Boeing 757. The apron can hold about 10 planes at the same time. Luoyang airport has opened both domestic and international flights. 2005 has witnessed 150,000 throughout of passenger break, the highest record since its opening.

LFC consists of 39 aircraft: two Y7-100 made in China, two CJ-1 advanced trainers made in America, six Cessna 172R trainers, five Seminole secondary trainers with an accessory simulator, twenty TB20 and TB200 with 3 accessory simulators. To meet the requirements of the flight training, LFC is to introduce LE-500 and other types of aircraft.

LFC also offers specialized license program for individuals including both private pilot license (PPL) and commercial pilot license (CPL). Additionally, LFC provides flight training for those who has already have the basic flying license and needs to increase flying-hour, change airplane type, and improve the grade of the pilot license.

LFC welcome student pilot and flight crew to join us!

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