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Mianyang flight college of CAFUC is situated in "China Science and Technology City"---Mianyang, Sichuan province. It is 5 kilometers away from the city center. Mianyang flight college integrates flight training and aviation transportation, which can provide flight training for APL, PPL, and instrument rating.

Mianyang flight college was founded in 1966, and then evolved as the 4th training regiment of No.14 aviation school of the PLA, the 4th school of the CAAC Flight College, and the 4th flight college of the CAAC Flight College. It was renamed as CAFCU Mianyang fight college. In June of 2002, it was moved to Nanjiao Airport from Tanxun Airport. After 40 years efforts, Mianyang flight college has been developed into a key base for pilot training in China.

Mianyang flight college consists of three flight training groups. It has 64 richly experienced flight instructors and teachers as its faculty, including 5 flight instructors of class 1, 31 flight instructors of class 2, 12 flight instructors of class 3. Among them, 21 flight instructors have been entitled with the title of "National Meritorious Pilot", 34 instructor pilots with gold medal for flight safety. Generally, Mianyang flight college now has 7 technicians with senior professional title, 69 technicians with midium professional title, and 28 technicians with primary professional title. Mianyang flight college is able to train 238 pilots yearly, reaching 35,000 hours in flight.

The training airport is categorized as 4D, which has advanced communication, navigation and ATC equipments, AWOS (automatic weather observtion system), NDB, DVOR/DME, ILS of category 1, ADS-B (automatic dependence surveillance –broadcast), and high intensity approach light system of class 5. During night and under bad weather condition, it can guarantee safe takeoff and landing of various aircraft, such as B757, B737, MD90, MD82, A320 and A319.

Mianyang flight college occupies an area of 304 mu, construction area 38,000 sq. meters. It possesses multimedia classroom, CBT, language lab, multifunction hall, gymnasium, track and field playground, aircrew diningroom and other necessary facilities.

Mianyang flight college has different types of aircrafts for training: 2 CJ1, 5 PA-44, 12 CE-172R, 23 TB-20 and TB-200, and 2 TB-20 flight simulators, 1 PA-44 flight simulator.

Mianyang flight college faces unprecedented opportunity when "Great Development of China West" and the great development of high education are brought into effect. Mianyang flight college has established a trinity-training mode: primary training aircraft, secondary training aircraft and advanced training aircraft. It has cooperated with university and enterprise on pilot training. At present, Mianyang flight college cooperates with Sanxing General Aviation Joint-stock Airline Company on pleasure flight, aerophotography, forest planting, rainmaking, search and rescue, tour charter flight, air sight-seeing, and aerial mapping.

It is time to set sail with tailwind, Mianyang flight college will be facing a promising and better future!

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